Saturday, May 01, 2010

Liberal England recommended by the Independent

Thanks to Nick Barlow for alerting me to the fact that this blog is mentioned in the general election guide published with today's Independent. I rushed out to buy one happened to be passing a newsagent's who had a copy.

Liberal England is one of four "Centrist" blogs listed, along with LibDemBlogs (which is an aggregator, not a blog), Liberal Democrat Voice and Nick's own What You Can Get Away With.

I take their choice as a sign of sound judgement, but Nick has looked a little deeper and suggests that it may be based on scant or out-of-date research. Can't see it myself.

Incidentally, I am not sure I like being called a centrist. Richard Rorty used to call himself a "postmodern bourgeois radical" and I rather like that. Perhaps I should add "with anarcho-nostalgic tendencies" though.

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Frank H Little said...

Surprising omissions were Paul Flynn's blog, one of the first political blogs and refreshingly non-centrally-programmed, and